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Stu, San Francisco 2000

This page is dedicated to the life of Stu P. Didiot. A multi-phrenic (Stu's word) life full of music and adventure. Stuart Lunn was born in 1957 in the Midlands of England to Eric and Maureen. He left home at the age of 15 and went to London to become a punk hero. He had more musical and writing ability than most of his peers and continued making music throughout his life. He was an amazing individual who could learn anything and teach just as much. Those whose lives were touched by him know that his influence on their life was invaluable. It was mine.

On 12th July, 2003 Stu lost his battle against cancer while living in San Francisco with his second wife Johna. ...Not quite the rock'n'roll ending Stu may have envisaged but at least it was in the country he fought to become a citizen of (and had always wanted to live in) and surrounded by people who loved and cared about him.

March 2006: It would seem, just as Stu predicted, that there is a bit of a Charge following out there. Consequently Cherry Red are releasing Perfection, the Album, with the added Kings Cross and Destroy the Youth singles (these two, in my opinion, sounding as fresh and relevant today as they did then) under the title Perfection Plus. Both Dave Griffiths, Charge's bass player, and I contributed memories and images to the sleevenotes. Alex Ogg having pulled the whole thing together.
You can also get copies of Caged & Staged, Charge's live album from Trikont's web site.

April 2010: Since I built this site many people have contacted me having Googled Stu and discovering that he was no longer raging on this planet. Many who got in touch made contributions of thoughts and memories that I posted up here. In the last two years I have only had contact from people who don't wish to contribute - merely to be remembered I think. If anyone would like to access any of the writings of the people who loved and played with Stu then please e-mail me here.
I am deeply grateful for the friends of Stu and I that have returned into my life and if anyone would like to know more about Stu or make contact with anyone else then I am happy to facillitate.
I miss him just as much today as I did seven years ago.
K -x-

Stu London 1988